HIPPEAS® T-shirt Wall Art

HIPPEAS® T-shirt Wall Art - HIPPEAS

HIPPeaS® T-shirt Wall Art

We all have a t-shirt or two that we haven’t worn in years but just can’t seem to let go. So why not repurpose that shirt and give it a new life! Here is a quick 10-minute tutorial to turn that well-loved shirt into a piece of wall art. That old shirt will bring you hapPEAness in a whole new way!

Things you will need:

  • Canvas
    • You can get this at your local craft store. We used an 11” x 14” canvas here, but bringing your shirt to the store to find the right sized canvas to ensure perfect placement for the graphic/design on your t-shirt!
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Your favorite old T-shirt
    • Something you don’t mind cutting up!


  1. Using scissors, cut along the side and top seems to separate the front and back of the shirt.
  2. Lay your shirt over the front of the canvas to find the perfect placement for shirt design. We chose to center our design, but get creative and have some fun with it!
  3. Carefully flip the canvas and shirt over so that you are now looking at the back of the canvas. Your design may have shifted, so double check that you have the canvas where you want it. When you are ready, carefully fold the edges of the shirt over the edges of the canvas and staple each corner.
    1. Once each corner is secured, you will want to staple all the way around making sure to pull the edges tight. You will want the shirt to be nice and tight against the canvas.
  4. Once you are finished stapling, cut away any excess material.
  5. Hang or display your new art to add some hapPEAness and joy to your home!

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