Peas, Love & Art

About: Sara Mari @thesaramari is a surface designer & modern HIPPEA! Beyond watercolor and ink creations, she is also an EFT tapping practitioner, helping people go from Overwhelmed to “Over It” so they can live their best life. Today, Sara is sharing some watercolor painting tips!

Peas, Love & Art

Nothing is more grounding and PEASful than doodling with watercolor paints.
Anything can become your subject, even your favorite snack.
Lately I’ve been craving to paint with loose watercolor. Where I don’t sketch or ink it first, instead I just let it flow. I especially love when the paints “kiss” and bleed into each other.

  • Watercolor paint. I use Winsor & Newton.
  • Paint brush. I use Princeton.
  • Watercolor paper. I use Stonehenge.
  • 2 glass cups with water – one for cool colors and one for warm

How to:

  • Start with mixing up your colors. Use a good amount of water and enough pigment (paint) to easily move it across your paper. You might want to spend a little time mixing to get the right colors and tones that you’re looking for.
  • Dip the brush in the water and mix it around in your paint. Don’t be afraid to put the brush down on the paper. If you haven’t done this before, maybe play with the strokes, amount of water and pigment first.
  • Look for shapes. Everything is broken down into simple shapes. With this painting, the shapes were very simple.
  • Create a shape with a light color (water and just a little bit of pigment) then go back to the same area with less water or a darker color. Now dab it into the shape you already created and push the pigment around where you want it. This helps create the 3D effect with lights and shadows.
  • Before the HIPPEAS Puffs dry, choose a different color or slightly different color and simply pull the brush just ever so slightly to touch the original puff. This will create that bleed.
  • To create the chickpea and smile with tongue, again look for shapes.
  • Don’t be afraid of the water and do push the pigment around so that it settles in certain spots and helps it look dimensional.

Have fun with it! Don’t judge yourself or get frustrated, it’s a process. Remember, “Peas is the journey, not the way!”
– Sara