On the road again…with HIPPEAS®

On the Road again…with hippeas®

Whether you’re venturing out for your annual road trip, or just taking a drive to shake things up, here are few fun ways to hit the open highway in style this summer:

road trip essentials


  • Diced up fruits and veggies
  • Your favorite HIPPEAS® puffs or tortilla chips
  • Dips! Here are some of our favorites you can find on our blog:
  • A cooler stocked up with ice and lots of beverages


  • Stream HIPPEAS® Good Vibes playlist
  • Dig up those jams you rocked out to as a teenager! Create a throwback playlist to get the whole car rocking. Warning: Car-friendly choreography is required. Keep it safe though!
  • Compile some kid friendly singalong songs for PEAple young and old! Might we suggest “99 Bags of HIPPEAS® on the Wall?”


  • Bubbles (who doesn’t love bubbles?)
  • Window markers to customize your ride, man
  • A Polaroid or disposable camera to document your journey
  • Mad Libs
  • Audio books
  • The Alphabet Game (for 2 or more people)


  1. Start out playing the game using signs
  2. Look for signs on the side of the road or highway
  3. Start out with the letter “A” and find that letter on the sign somewhere
  4. Continue with the letter “B” and so forth…
  5. You can play as a team by trying to finish the whole alphabet before you reach your destination.
  6. Or you can play competitively and whoever finds the most letters wins!


  • Take time to stop and smell the roses, dude! See a monument or roadside point of interest? Take the exit and totally check it out!
  • Have a picnic! Pack a towel or blanket just in case you see the perfect lunch or snack spot.
  • Try something new! Spot a cool postcard? Maybe a silly hat or t-shirt at a gift shop? Perhaps some local produce you’ve never tried before? Give it a go! The world is you oyster, man!

Remember: PEAS is not the destination, PEAS is the way!