Keep the Good Vibes going at home!

Happea at home

What’s up, HIPPEAS? 
Here at the temporary HIPPEAS HQ (AKA our living rooms) us Worker PEAs have been drumming up some fun hacks to help us keep calm and snack on as we #WFH.  If you want to join us in staying HapPEA at home, then read on, man!
Don’t worry, Pea Happy
Light a candle (or burn some incense for the full HIPPEA effect), throw on some jams (the HIPPEAS Spotify playlist is a good one), read that book you’ve been meaning to get to and take a moment to chill. Remember, your new office is a Good Vibes Only zone!
Stay groovin’
No gym, no problem!  There’s never been a better time to have a solo mid-day dance party in your living room, or even try a new at home yoga sesh.  And hey, no one else can see you, so if your moves are a little off beat, who gives a Puff?!
Shout out your v.i.PEAS
Our fave OG HIPPEAS said it best: “I get by with a little help from my friends” (this is a BEATLES lyric for those wondering).  Luckily, as modern HIPPEAS, we can get totally creative when it comes to hangin’ with our PEAps!  Why not send some good vibes to a relative or old friend? I mean, how’s this for a FaceTime date invite: “You🤳, me🤳, two bags of HIPPEAS?!” So, grab a bag of your fave HIPPEAS flavor, and hit send! 
Share the Love!
We’re banding together (in spirit!) to do our part to create better days ahead, and you can too, man! Let us know what you’re doing to stay positive by posting on social and tagging @Hippeas_Snacks . There’s a chance you’ll be featured on our Instagram!
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