Fun with your Mini HIPPEAS

Fun with your Mini Hippeas

Whether you’re young, or just young at heart, there’s nothing better than taking a break from your normal routine to do something fun! Here’s a list of creative activities you can do with your mini HIPPEAS!

Power to the Plants

Did you know? Chickpeas enrich the soil with life-giving nitrogen. Plants need this to grow!
Chickpeas are good for the planet, simply by being themselves. Plant your very own chickpea with these easy steps!
 What you’ll need:

  • Uncooked/dry chickpeas
  • Soil
  • A pot or planter. Don’t have one? A Hippeas bags works too!
  • Water
  • A sunny spot, window sills are totally groovy!

1. Find a totally sunny place! Window sills are perfect, man!
2. Gather dirt or potting soil.
3. Use a container that is at least 8 inches deep.
4. Plant chickpeas 1½ to 2 inches deep & 3 to 6 inches apart.
How to care for your chickpeas:
1. Check soil everyday & water lightly, dude!
2. Keep the soil damp until chickpeas have totally sprouted.
3. Water regularly while flowers & pods form.
4. Avoid overhead watering (water close to the stems).

Color Me Happea

Feeling a little blue? Here’s a cool way to feel more mellow yellow and put your creative juices to work!
What You’ll Need:

  • Colored pencils, markers, crayons, or paints
  • Printer+ink
  • The Hippeas coloring book. Download here


  1. Download the Hippeas PDF Coloring book
  2. Print those pages, man!
  3. Channel your inner Monet and then Van Gogh-get it!

Peas, Love & Math

Want to liven up your studies? What better way than to use Hippeas! Follow these steps to make math a little more fun (and tasty).
What You’ll Need

  • Your favorite flavor of Hippeas puffs
  • A piece of paper or chalkboard
  • A light-colored piece of chalk or crayon


  1. With a piece of chalk or a white crayon, set up a math equation on your piece of paper or chalk board.
  2. Weather it’s addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, use your Hippeas puffs to represent the numbers.
  3. Totally solve the equation

Bonus: Once you’re done solving your math problems, eat your HIPPEAS snacks!