Far Out Tie-Dye Tutorial

Far Out Tie-Dye Tutorial

At HIPPEAS, we’re HUGE fans of tie-dye! Let’s be honest, tie-dye is everywhere right now.
Did you know you can create your very own custom tie-dye t-shirt at home with just a few simple items?
Here’s a quick HIPPEAS how-to:


  • Tie-Dye Kit
    • Look for something that comes with all of the supplies you need including dye, rubber bands and gloves. You can find kits on Amazon to be delivered right to your door!
  • White T-Shirts
    • 100% cotton works best
  • Something to protect the ground, this can get messy
    • We used 2 recycled paper bags
  • Water
  • Sealed storage container or plastic bags
    • If you are using a reusable container, try to use something that you are ok with getting messy. The colors may stain.


  1. Lay your paper or ground protection out to cover the area where you will be tie-dying and put on your gloves. Protect the Earth and your hands!
  2. Now pick your colors and the mix the dyes! All you’ll need to do here is add water to the bottles. They should already have the colored powder in them. All you need to do is pour in the water, tighten the cap and shake shake shake!
  3. Your tie-dye kit will probably come with some fun patterns that you can choose from. We chose the “spiral” design but get creative and have fun with it!
    1. For the spiral:
      1. Lay the shirt out flat, pinch where you want the middle of the spiral to be and twist!
      2. Once the shirt is completely twisted you’ll need 4 rubber bands. Use one band to put around the circumference of the twist, then use the other 3 to create 6 sections like a pie!
  4. Once you have the rubber bands in place, it’s time to add some color! Like a true HIPPEA, we used yellow and blue for our design. The more dye you use, the more saturated the color will be.
    1. To get the colors to spiral, we put a different color in each pie slice of the shirt. If the colors bleed together, that’s ok! Haven’t you heard of a hapPEA little accident?? When the dyes come together they will make new colors, trust is you’ll be hapPEA how it comes out!
  5. Once your shirt is dyed and you feel as though you have perfected your masterpiece, place your shirt (with the rubber bands still holding it together) in a sealable container or plastic bag and let sit for 6-8 hours.
  6. After 6-8 hours it’s time to see your finished product! Over the sink, take your shirt out of the container/bag, remove the rubber bands and wash in cool water until the water runs mostly clear.
    1. We suggest running it thru a wash on cold before wearing, the dye may bleed onto your other clothes if not. Just make sure to wash it alone!

Now check out your rad new shirt. Throw it on and feel the good vibes!